X-Adventurer SR-01R Coiled Lanyard with Snap Hook – Red


X-Adventurer SR-01R Coiled Lanyard with Snap Hook – Red

Product Details

Safety Lanyard to connect your handheld camera or lighting equipment to your BCD. Made from saltwater-resistant Stainless Steel and Nylon.
This is easily the second most important piece of equipment you can buy for your camera or dive torch! High visibility colour ensures it will be difficult to lose or misplace anything this is attached to.



Underwater Cameras is the official distributor/importer of X-Adventurer products in Australia. X-Adventurer Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 to design, engineer, and manufacture innovative underwater photographic equipment. X-Adventurer’s mission is to increase the popularity of underwater photography by making it more affordable and user-friendly and therefore more enjoyable for amateurs and professionals.
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