X-Adventurer GoPro Hero 10/9/8 Flip Filter Set – 3 Filters


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X-Adventurer GoPro Hero 10/9/8 Flip Filter Set – 3 Filters

This Filter Kit is designed to fit the GoPro HERO8®, HERO9® & HERO10® Black Protective Housing and contains three different colour filters that are specially designed for different types and depths of water.

Two filters can be attached to the mount at any one time and can be easily flipped into place as required.

  • Saltwater Snorkel Filter – designed for best results in 2-5 meters (Rose filter)
  • Saltwater Dive Filter – designed for best results in 5-25 meters (Red filter)
  • Greenwater or Freshwater Filter (Magenta filter)

The mount is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and is virtually unbreakable. Lenses are constructed with a specially formulated colour to compensate for the loss of colour underwater.

These filters for the GoPro HER8®, HERO9® & HERO10® Black Protective Housing filters are very easy to use and deliver vibrant colours to your photos and videos when diving in blue, green, or shallow waters.

Quickly and securely switch between any two filters; allowing you to capture precise colours based on your dive location and conditions.

This filter set is a must-have if you want to get beautiful underwater colours from your GoPro camera. Say Goodbye to those boring blue images.



Underwater Cameras is the official distributor/importer of X-Adventurer products in Australia. X-Adventurer Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 2010 to design, engineer, and manufacture innovative underwater photographic equipment. X-Adventurer’s mission is to increase the popularity of underwater photography by making it more affordable and user-friendly and therefore more enjoyable for amateurs and professionals.
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