Weefine Smart Focus 3500


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Weefine Smart Focus 3500

The WEEFINE Smart Focus 3500 is based on the WEEFINE Smart Focus 3000, with a range of new and improved smart features and a brand new design utilising black aluminum alloy housing with hard oxidation treatment.

Perfect for the diver shooting stills and movies, the dual focus light can be used as a video beam or as a flash strobe by being able to connect it to your camera via a fiber optic cable. Smart Focus 3500 offers you 3500 lumens with 4 different power levels (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%), and a battery life of 50 minutes at the highest power level. This torch is equip with built-in smart protection technology that automatically controls and prevents system overheating. When the dive torch is used in areas with ambient temperatures higher than 50℃, the WEEFINE smart technology will automatically deduce the brightness to 20%, reducing heat and preventing damage to your diving components.

The focus has an Auto-off sensor to deactivate when it detects an external flash.

Featuring double stainless steel press button controls and remote port allowing connection of remote control technology, the WEEFINE Smart Focus satisfies the different needs of all users with its versatile operation, while maintaining easy operation.


  • Four level Power: 100% / 75% / 50% / 25%
  • Auto shut off smart technology
  • Battery level indicator
  • Strobe function with WEEFINE brand new patent
  • Remote port access for adding remote control devices
  • Built-in automatic protection function against overheating
  • Double stainless steel push button controls


Model WF089 Smart Focus 3500
Description WEEFINE Professional Diving Light Smart Focus 3500
Brightness 3500 Lumens
Modes White, blue, red and blue/red light
Colour Temperature 5000K
Material Aluminum alloy with hard oxidation treatment
Burn Time Aprox 50mins
Battery 14.8V lithium battery (3 cells of 3400mAh) and 50.3Whr
Beam Angle 100°
Depth Rated 100 meters
Dimension 59.7mm (D) x 132mm (L)
Weight 490g (on land), 240g (under water)
Accessories Ball mount, YS mount



Underwater Cameras is an official importer of Weefine products in Australia. Weefine is a professional diving equipment manufacturer that focuses on underwater photography equipment. Its R&D centre is in Shenzhen, China, and its manufacturing base is in Foshan. The company is committed to product research and development and works in partnership with many well-known underwater brands due to its technological innovation and excellent build quality. In 2015 Weefine created its own in-house brand and launched several products including underwater lighting and photographic equipment. The Smartphone Housing won the best design award in Hong Kong DRT exhibition. Weefine also produces underwater lenses, lighting solutions and strobes.
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