SEA&SEA MDXL-A7IV Housing for Sony A7R IV with Leak Sensor


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SEA&SEA 06195 MDXL-A7IV Housing for Sony A7R IV with Leak Sensor

This housing comes equipped with fiber-optic and sync cord strobe connectors, and supports the optional, internal Optical YS Converter S1, which provides TTL capability with Sea & Sea YS strobes (Sony adapter required). Grip Plus silicone grip inserts permit firm, steady handling of the housing, and smart yellow highlights guide your eye to key controls. Mechanical levers, push buttons, and dials provide access to virtually all camera functions. Both grips are topped with SA8 Fixed Ball Bases for attaching arms to hold strobes, lights, etc.

Built for durability, the housing is constructed from precision-machined aluminum that has been anodized for resistance to corrosion. The housing is designed with a buoyancy pocket that reduces its weight under water or can accommodate a mobile battery charger for more shooting time. A built-in leak sensor alerts you immediately in the unlikely event of a breach in the waterproof seal.

The MDXL-a7IV ships without a required lens port, and accepts a series of interchangeable ports for various lenses. For compatibility details, see the Port Chart. The housing ships with the 0.5x optical viewfinder, but optional 0.66x, 0.8x, VF45, and VF180 viewfinders can be added on to enhance your view for better shot composition underwater.


  • Port Lock
  • Diopter adjustment dial
  • All controls have luminescence stickers
  • Depth Rating of 100m / 330ft
  • Equipped with two sacrificial zinc diodes
  • Built-in leak sensor
  • Equipped with under guard to protect from scratches.
Weight 5 kg
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