SEA&SEA MDX-5D Mark IV Housing for Canon EOS 5D MkIII & MkIV


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SEA&SEA 06181 MDX-5D Mark IV Housing for Canon EOS 5D MkIII & MkIV

Capture the beauty and variety of sea life with your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or III DSLR camera. Dual fibre-optic ports enable the attachment of external strobes using optional cables. As an alternative, the Optical YS Converter/C can be added on as an option, allowing for the hardwired connection and triggering of YS strobes in manual mode. The MDX-5D Mark IV also accepts an optional 2-pin sync cord connector as another means of hardwired manual strobe triggering.

The convenient quick shoe makes it easy to install and remove the camera. Mechanical controls provide access to virtually all camera functions. With both hands on the ergonomic grips, you can easily reach important controls like the ISO, AF point selection, and Multi-function selection levers. The housing includes an optical viewfinder offering 0.5x magnification and is also compatible with two optional 1.2x OVFs and a 0.8x OVF.

Built for durability, the MDX-5D Mark IV is made from an aluminium alloy that’s been treated with an anodized finish to resist corrosion. A supplied moisture alarm senses when a breach occurs in the housing’s waterproof seal and notifies you immediately. For compatibility details, see the Port Chart. The housing ships without a required lens port, and accepts a system of interchangeable ports for a broad array of different lenses.

Technical Specifications:

Depth Rating 328′ / 100 m
Control Type Mechanical grooved knobs/dials, levers, and push-buttons
Controls Main command dial, shutter lever, lens release button, port lock lever, focus/zoom dial, playback lever, mode dial, power, viewfinder adjustment dial, a main switch for Optical YS Converter, info button, menu, creative photo/comparative playback/direct print, rating, index/magnify/reduce, erase, live view/movie shooting switch, multi-controller, sub-command dial, setting, quick control, AF start lever, lock release lever, AF point selection lever, multi-function lever, ISO speed setting/flash exposure compensation/AE lock lever, AF start lever lock button, video recording start/stop, AF mode selection/drive mode selection, metering mode selection/white balance selection
Material of Construction Housing: Machined, anodized aluminium alloy
Grips: Die-cast, anodized aluminium alloy
Lens Port Ships without a required lens port
Accepts system of interchangeable bayonet-mount ports for various lenses
For compatibility, see System Chart linked in Overview
Buoyancy May vary based on the selected port
External Flash Connector 2x fibre-optic cable ports
Optical YS Converter/C (optional)
2-pin sync cord connector (optional)
Other Connectors Accessory port
Viewfinder Optical finder with 0.5x magnification supplied
Optical VF180 and VF45 finders with 1.2x magnification (not included)
Moisture Alarm Leak and vacuum sensor included
Mounting Cold shoe mount for connecting optional lighting arms and other accessories
Threaded holes on the bottom for connection to optional tray or tripod
Dimensions 13.4 x 7.8 x 5.6″ / 34.1 x 19.8 x 14.1 cm
Weight 6.6 lb / 3.0 kg
Weight 5 kg
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