Olympus Conversion Lens Adapter compatible with TG-7, TG-6, TG-5


Olympus CLA-T01 Conversion Lens Adapter

This adapter has been specifically designed for the Olympus TG series of cameras to attach fisheye, teleconverter & lens filters.

This adapter enables the easy attachment of the FCON-T02 fisheye converter lens, it also accommodates any 40.5mm threaded filter.

Supported cameras TG-7, TG-6, TG-5, TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1
Camera-adapter mounting system Bayonet
Converter-adapter mounting system Screw (Ø40.5mm)
Size Maximum diameter Ø45mm
Total length 8.8mm
Weight Approx. 4g
Supplied accessories Lens cap
Accessories sold separately PRF-D40.5 Protection Filter, LC-40.5 Lens Cap

  • If the supplied lens cap becomes lost.



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