OCEANIC+ Dive Housing for iPhone


Oceanic+ Dive Housing for iPhone, now available at Digital Diver! This innovative housing transforms your iPhone into a powerful underwater camera and dive computer, all in one.

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Oceanic+ Underwater Housing for Iphone

Available in Digital Diver!. With OCEANIC+ Dive Housing for iPhonethe Now you can use your iPhone as both an underwater camera and dive computer!

The patent-pending Oceanic Plus Dive Housing allows you to take great photos with automatic color-correction on your iPhone when diving or during any water adventure.

With the Oceanic+ app and Dive Housing, your iPhone also becomes a fully-functional dive computer.

One app, one subscription, two devices! With the Oceanic+ app, you can use the same subscription for both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone. This allows you to have two units sharing the same subscription to save you money. It also provides greater redundancy for diving with both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing. At the end of each dive, the primary computer will be selected for your dive data.

Oceanic+ Dive Housing

Product weight: 975 g (2.15 lb) / Product dimensions: 24.6 cm W x 11.2 cm H x 6.9 cm D (9.7″ W x 4.4″ H x 2.7″ D)

Operating temperature range: 4° C (39°F) – 35° C (95° F). Never exceed the minimum or maximum operating temperature of your iOS device.

What’s in the included Spares Kit?

  • 5x Desiccant
  • 1x Grease Pack
  • 1x O-ring
  • 1x O-ring tool
  • 2x Rubber pads

Photos and Videos


Oceanic+ Dive Housing


  • Advanced Photo and Video Features, Including Digital Color Correction Filters for the Best Images Possible: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has advanced features, including digital color correction filters that can help you capture high-quality images and videos under water.
  • Watch the tutorial video at Oceanic Youtube channel here. (external link)
  • Camera Modes: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to capture underwater photos and videos using various modes such as photo, video, and smart mode with simultaneous video and photo capture.
  • Pictures are Saved Directly to Your iPhone Photos App: The Oceanic+ Dive Hunderousing saves all your photos and videos directly to your iPhone Photos app, making it easy to access and share them.

Enhanced Pictures With Dive Data: You can view and share your photos with or without overlayingyour dive profile.Enhanced Pictures

Share Photos and Profiles Through Social Networks: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to share your photos and profiles with others through social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, using the Oceanic+ app.

Works with Ultra-wide Lens Features on iPhones: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with ultra-wide lens features on newer iPhones, which can help you capture a wider field of view underwater.

Photos and Videos are automatically Added to Your Oceanic+ Logbook: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to add your photos and videos to your Oceanic+ logbook post-dive, providing a comprehensive record of your dive.

Capture RAW and Compressed Media: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows professionals to record media files in both RAW and compressed formats, offering control and flexibility for post-dive analysis and editing.

Your privacy is our top priority: At Oceanic, we value your privacy above all else. We do not share your data. Your photos and videos are exclusively saved on your Apple iPhone’s operating system, giving you complete control over your sensitive information.

Dive Housing

Step-by-step Instructions: Before and after each dive, an animated and written process guides you step-by-step to follow all instructions and actions. This innovative feature allows all users to follow the correct procedure each time they use this product.

Getting Started: Watch the tutorial video at Oceanic Youtube channel here. (external link)

Automatic Vacuum Pump with Seal Check/Integrated Leak Detector: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an automatic vacuum pump that creates a tight seal around your iPhone, helping to prevent water from entering the housing. The integrated leak detector alerts you if there is any moisture detected.

Integrated Depth and Temperature Sensors: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has sensors that measure depth, pressure, and temperature, providing you with important information about your dive.

Maximum Operating Depth 60 meters (196 feet): The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is designed to operate at depths of up to 60 meters (196 ft), allowing you to explore deeper underwater environments.

Durable Material: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is made of a tough and impact-resistant glass-fiber reinforced techno-polymer material that can withstand the rigors of underwater use.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery via Included USB-C: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged using the included USB-C cable.

Unique, Oceanic Design: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a distinctive design making it an attractive accessory for scuba divers.

Electronic Bluetooth® Interface: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your iPhone and allows you to control its features and settings.

User Interface Controlled by Directional Pad Controller: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a directional pad controller that allows you to easily navigate through the user interface and access all the features.

Ergonomic Over-molded Handle for Excellent Grip: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an ergonomic handle made of two materials, providing you a comfortable and secure grip.

Includes a Thermoformed Travel Box: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing comes with a travel box that is designed to protect it from scratches and other damage during transport.

Compatible with iOS16 and Above: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with newer iPhones that have iOS16 or above installed (scroll down to see if your iPhone is compatible).

Standard Accessory Attachment for 1/4” – 20 UNC Thread (Right): The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an industry-standard accessory attachment that allows you to attach other accessories, such as lights or tripods.

Wrist Lanyard: Included with the Oceanic+ Dive Housing for added security in the water.

Oceanic+ Dive Housing


Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with devices that run iOS 16 and newer, listed below. Compatible with iOS 17.3.1.

iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 14 iPhone 12 iPhone Xr
iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini iPhone X
iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone SE (3rd Generation)
iPhone 15 iPhone 13 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone SE (2nd Generation
iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 11
iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone Xs Max
iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 12 Pro iPhone Xs

Camera In Depth


Camera In DepthRecord Media Files in RAW and Compressed Formats: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing offers professionals the ability to capture media files in both RAW and compressed formats, ensuring optimal evaluation and control of images.


White Point CorrectionWhite Point Correction for Depth-Adaptive Adjustments: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing incorporates white point correction technology, which automatically adjusts based on the depth of the dive.


Smart Mode: The Smart Mode feature allows you to take photos while simultaneously recording a video, with both the video and photos sharing the same resolution.

On newer models like the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max, you can capture 48-megapixel photos exclusively with the main lens. The other lenses, like the wide-angle and telephoto, remain at a 12-megapixel resolution. These features are detailed in the specifications of the device.

1. **720p**: 1280 x 720 pixel
2. **1080p**: 1920 x 1080 pixel
3. **4K**: 3840 x 2160 pixel

1. **720p**:  0.92 Megapixel
2. **1080p**: 2.07 Megapixel
3. **4K**: 8.29 Megapixel





Oceanic boasts a long history of innovation, from their groundbreaking dive computers to cutting-edge underwater technologies. For peace of mind and confidence underwater, Underwater Cameras Australia offers a range of premium smartphone underwater housing built with uncompromising protection, clarity, and usability.
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