Light & Motion 850-0513-A SOLA Video 2500 SF USB-C


This product is discontinued and no longer available.

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Light & Motion 850-0513-A SOLA Video 2500 SF USB-C

Product Details

The premium Sola Spot/Flood model is the perfect solution for professional level shooters alternating between wide-angle and macro imagery. The advanced optical design will light your subjects evenly without hot spots and allow greater latitude for camera positioning. Dive with confidence knowing you will have the light you need to shoot in any condition.

Light & Motion have created five new Sola FC models paired with a USB-C dongle allowing divers to travel with fewer cables and chargers. Divers can use their computer USB-C chargers they are already travelling with to charge their Sola lights.

The dongle is smart!  It will communicate if the light is charging and the speed at which it is charging:

  • Dongle with green light – Charging at FC speed – normal
  • Dongle with amber light – Light may not be getting sufficient power, check the LEDs on the Sola light to ensure it is charging.
  • Dongle with red light – Not charging. Charger cannot supply enough power to charge the light.

* To charge this light a USB-C Charging cable with a sufficient 30W output is needed.

  • 2500 lumen flood and 1200 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Regulated output ensures light does not dim in use; custom firmware keeps lumens consistent
  • Easily toggle between 12° spot and 60° flood beams with one-touch switch
  • Custom optics produce a clean beam void of distracting hot spots or harsh edges
  • Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management
  • Factory sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability
  • Full recharge in 1 hr 45 min with exclusive FC (Fast Charge) technology
  • Travel-friendly design with minimal weight or bulk approved for carry-on and check-in luggage
  • Camera housing mounts available including Ball, Loc-Line, and YS options


  • Lumins Output: High (2500)
  • Charge time: 105 Min
  • Beam Angle: 60° (flood), 12° (spot)
  • IP Rating (FL-1): 68
  • Depth Rating (FL-1): 100 metres
  • Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 metre
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: True
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.3 x 5.3cm (4″ x 2.1″ x 2.1″)



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