Light & Motion 804-0261-A GoBe 1000 Wide Lighthead


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Light & Motion 804-0261-A GoBe 1000 Wide Lighthead

Product Details

The 1000 Wide Head features a bright flood beam great for viewing a wider angle of coverage. It’s power and beam is perfect for underwater video, above the surface for photography enhancement, or even illuminating base camp as a general purpose flashlight. The lighthead accessory is compatible with existing GoBe FC (Fast Charge) Bodies.


  • 60° flood beam covers a wide field of view
  • 1000 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimized firmware
  • Custom engineered reflector optimizes the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution for all your outdoor needs
  • Compatible with GoBe FC Bodies only, not compatible with GoBe Standard Bodies


Light & Motion

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