Light & Motion 804-0227-B GoBe 3.0 Body


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Light & Motion 804-0227-B GoBe 3.0 Body

Product Details

Looking to create your own GoBe lighting system by mix and matching different lightheads? The first step is acquiring the GoBe body which has an integrated lithium-ion battery and charging interface. The GoBe FC Body has a high capacity 3.0Ah battery is compatible with all GoBe interchangeable lightheads. The advanced Fast Charge feature allows the body to completely charge in 3 hours with a standard 2A charger!


  • 3.0Ah light body to power GoBe interchangeable lightheads
  • Fast Charge GoBe body fully charges in 3 hours with 2A charger
  • Accurate battery status indicator LED with four color-coded status levels
  • Magnetic button eliminates failure points with electronic lockout switch to eliminate accidental activations
  • Compatible with all GoBe lightheads
  • This body is stock on premium lights such as the GoBe 1000 Wide and 800 Spot; when used on standard lightheads like the 500 Spot runtime will be increased



Light & Motion

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