Ikelite Fibre Optic Receiver RC2 for DS Strobes


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RC2 TTL Receiver for DS Strobes


Convert your Ikelite DS strobe’s electrical bulkhead to a fiber optic connection with the RC2 TTL Receiver, designed for use with compatible Ikelite TTL Fiber Optic Transmitters. This product is necessary for each strobe used and is specifically for attachment to Ikelite DS strobes. It does not function when attached to housing bulkheads and is not compatible with non-Ikelite or non-digital Ikelite strobes.


Camera and Housing Compatibility: Ikelite Housing Models with TT5 Canon TTL Transmitter #44701 installed.

Fiber Optic Cord Compatibility:

  • Ikelite Fiber Optic Coiled Cord #4501 (recommended)
  • INON Optical D Cable “Non-wireless type” L-Connector
  • SEA&SEA Fiber Optic Cable (L-type) #50107
  • SEA&SEA Fiber Optic Cable II #50128
  • Olympus UW Fiber Optic Cable PTCB-E02
  • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable #26211 Nauticam to INON
  • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable #26212 Nauticam to Sea&SEA

Strobe Compatibility:

  • Ikelite DS50 above serial #70000
  • Ikelite DS51
  • Ikelite DS125 above serial #5000
  • Ikelite DS160, DS161, DS162
  • Ikelite DS200 above serial #7163
  • Ikelite DS230, DS232


Depth Rating 100 meters (330 feet)
Weight 0.085 kg (3 oz)

Manual Strobe Exposure

Adjust the strobe’s output using manual power settings. Ensure the camera’s flash mode is set to manual and select the minimum necessary flash output to trigger the DS strobe, conserving battery power.

In the Box


  • TTL receiver
  • Connector protector
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube



Underwater Cameras is the official distributor/importer of Ikelite products in Australia. Ikelite is a leading Underwater Photography Manufacturer based in the USA with over 50 years of experience producing top-quality underwater housings, strobes, & accessories. Ikelite products can be found in the hands of amateur and professional photographers worldwide from Tropical Waters to Polar Ice Caps. All Ikelite’s products are designed and made in the USA.

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