Ikelite Underwater Housing Sony Aphha A7C II & A7CR


200DLM/A Underwater Housing for Sony Alpha a7C II, a7CR Mirrorless Cameras


The 200DLM/A Underwater Housing combined with the Sony Alpha a7C II or a7CR is a compact and affordable option for great video while scuba diving, freediving, surf, pool, or any adventure. The DLM Port System is designed to be the smallest and lightest possible. The compact design precludes the use of larger-diameter full-frame lenses. If you require a wider range of lens selection, choose the 200DL Underwater Housing for a7C II, a7CR Mirrorless Cameras instead.

The a7C II features a 33 megapixel full frame sensor while its high-resolution sister, the a7CR, boasts 61 megapixels. Both cameras are capable of 4K UHD video with excellent subject-tracking autofocus capabilities and good battery life. The image quality combined with the size makes them a joy for the travelling underwater photographer.

LENS PORT REQUIRED (Sold Separately)

A compatible lens port is required for waterproof operation (sold separately). Choose the correct port components for the lens you will be shooting.

Specifications Details
Controls Controls for all camera functions except Front Dial Control
Strobe Connector Ikelite Bulkhead with Manual Hotshoe
Port Mount DLM (Dry Lock Micro)
Accessory Port 1/2-20 Thread
Depth Rating 60 meters (200 feet)
Weight 1.18 kg (2.6 lb)
Dimensions 18.4 x 14 x 15.2 cm (7.25 x 5.5 x 6″)
Rear O-Ring 0110
Front O-Ring 0132.36

Pre-Dive Checks

There is no greater assurance than being able to see your camera and o-ring seal through the back of the housing. Ikelite’s signature open-groove design suspends the rear o-ring in a natural position that is easier to maintain and more reliable than forcing the o-ring into a channel. Once the housing is closed you can see the o-ring form a solid, waterproof seal.

We recommend using a pump with a gauge to pull a vacuum on the housing and check for leaks before entering the water.


Ikelite’s specially formulated ABS-PC blend housing is highly durable yet significantly lighter than aluminium. The light colour keeps your camera cooler when shooting in warm, sunny environments.

Lens Support

Ikelite lens ports are the lightest on the market, yet robust and capable of standing up to rough surf.

Ikelite supports a wide variety of lenses. Most popular zoom lenses and select focus rings can be engaged using simple gearing that puts adjustment right at your fingertips. Zoom and focus gears differ depending on which lens you are using.

Lens ports and zoom gears are sold separately. Refer to the appropriate port chart for compatibility information.

Wi-fi Transfer

Use the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi feature to download photos to another device without removing the camera from the housing. The Wi-Fi feature is only usable above water within close proximity to the connected device.

Unless otherwise noted, this housing does not accommodate the use of add-on grips, battery grips, eyepieces, LCD covers, or other accessories.


Differences in lens and control placement prevent other camera models from being used in or adapted to this housing. Ikelite is not aware of any other models that may be used in or adapted to this housing.

In the Box

  • Housing
  • Rear O-ring # 0110 (installed)
  • Front O-ring # 0132.36 (installed)
  • .050″ Hex Key # 0945.11
  • Silicone Lubricant 1cc Tube




Underwater Cameras is the official distributor/importer of Ikelite products in Australia. Ikelite is a leading Underwater Photography Manufacturer based in the USA with over 50 years of experience producing top-quality underwater housings, strobes, & accessories. Ikelite products can be found in the hands of amateur and professional photographers worldwide from Tropical Waters to Polar Ice Caps. All Ikelite’s products are designed and made in the USA.

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