Ikelite 6441.72 Colour Correcting Filter 2.2-inch Ports


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Ikelite 6441.72 Colour Correcting Filter for 2.2-inch Ports

Product Details

Ikelite Colour Correcting Filters replace oranges, reds, and more natural tones that are otherwise lost in the water. Each filter attaches to the outside of the port offering easy attachment and removal underwater.

The UR/Pro colour correcting filter for green water enhances contrast and improves the colour of green water to give your subject a rich, natural tone. Effective with available sunlight up to 24m (80 ft). Use in most lakes and any green water setting.

In general, colour filters are not intended to be used in conjunction with a strobe or powerful video light.

These filters are not usable on dome ports. Dome ports require the use of an internal filter attached to your camera’s lens.


These filters are designed specifically for 2.2-inch diameter ports found on many Ikelite housings and housings for compact digital cameras.


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