Ikelite 6170.70 Panasonic TZ90 TZ95 Housing


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Ikelite 6170.70 Housing for Panasonic Lumix, ZS70 ZS80, TZ90, TZ95 Cameras

Product Details

A full-featured and durable underwater housing from Ikelite for the Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70 & DC-ZS75  and DC-TZ90 & DC-TZ95 digital cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water.

The Panasonic DC-TZ90 (DC-ZS70) is a popular choice for surface travel photography because of its 30X zoom lens and 4K/UHD video recording. A sharp Leica lens, 20MP BSI-CMOS sensor, improved autofocus capabilities, and customizable control set make it a solid choice for underwater photography.

Ergonomics and handling            

This compact and lightweight housing allows you to operate your Panasonic Lumix camera up to depths of 60m (200 feet). It is designed and built in the USA at Ikelite by experienced divers with a commitment to providing top quality and value.

Large, easy-to-reach controls are provided for all camera functions. Soft-touch knobs are easy to grip with or without gloves on and provide quick access to important controls including front and rear dials and the mode control. Rear controls are marked with easy-to-see laser engraved symbols which never fade or fall off.

A trigger-type shutter lever control is designed for optimal sensitivity and a natural motion when shooting underwater. The standard control hugs the side of the housing for comfortable use when hand-holding. The shutter trigger may be easily extended using the optional Ikelite Shutter Trigger Extension #4077.95  for more comfortable reach when using a handle grip.

The front-loading camera mounting system makes installation and removal a breeze. The camera mounting plate allows ready access to the battery and memory card and features a standard 1/4-20 mounting point for attachment to a tripod topside.

Wide-angle and macro close-up

The optional WD-4 Wide Angle Dome # 6430.4 provides a wider angle of view underwater without the edge distortion, heaviness, or difficult attachment typically associated with an external wide-angle lens. The WD-4 has a 0.75x magnification factor and simply slides on and off the housing’s lens port.

A press-fit Macro Adapter # 9306.78 is available for the attachment of 67mm threaded accessory macro lenses. We recommend a macro lens that is designed for underwater use like those from AOI, I-Dive, Aquatica and other manufacturers. The adapter should not be used with 67mm threaded wide-angle lenses. The wide-angle lens would be too far away from the camera’s lens to provide an improved image.

Accessory mounting

Two 1/4-20 threaded mounting points are included on the bottom of the housing for the attachment of a tray and handle system. Handles provide improved ergonomics underwater and are the foundation for your lighting mounts.

Light is absorbed as it travels through even short distances underwater, making colours appear dull or monochromatic. To preserve the natural colours of your subject, it’s important to stay within arm’s reach—no more than 1m (3-4 feet) away.

There is a simple rule that brighter is better underwater. A high-quality lighting system can produce magazine quality results with almost any compact camera system.

Colour filters

Enhanced colour correction and clarity can be achieved by adding a colour filter or external light. The lens port of the housing accepts Ikelite’s 3″ diameter colour filters, which are available in two formulas: Tropical Blue Water # 6441.46 and Green Water # 6441.86. A colour filter reduces the amount of light that reaches the camera’s sensor, so they are most effective in sunny conditions up to about 15m (45 feet). The absolute maximum effectiveness is 24m (80 feet) in ideal conditions of full sun and visibility of 30+m (100+ feet).

Ikelite also offers a Yellow Barrier Filter # 6441.16 for shooting fluorescence photography.

Flash and constant on lights

A flash or constant-on light is necessary for close-up, night dives, and deep depths. An external light also brings out more colours in sunny conditions. External lights are typically not used in conjunction with colour filters, as the combination will result in tones that are too red or too purple.

The location of the camera’s flash in relation to the lens makes it unusable for lighting your subject underwater. However, the camera’s flash may be used to trigger an external strobe. Two ports are provided for the connection of up to two fibre optically triggered underwater strobes.

Alternatively, a bright constant-on video light can be used. A constant-on light is not as bright as a strobe flash. Constant-on lights do provide added versatility because they can be used for focus assist and for improved colours when shooting video.

Vacuum testing

A spare 1/2-20 threaded Accessory Port on the side of the housing is the perfect location for the installation of an optional vacuum valve. The Vacuum Kit # 47012 allows you to pull a vacuum on the housing to simulate pressure at depth and check for leaks prior to entering the water.

Durability and corrosion-free performance

Ikelite’s ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion-free performance year after year with minimal maintenance. The specially formulated colour deflects the sun to keep your camera running cooler, longer. Compared to black or clear housings, the light grey colour provides superior contrast for an enhanced view of the camera, LCD screen, and O-rings seal.

The unique rear seal design prevents accidental twisting or stretching of the O-ring for simple and confident assembly. Ikelite have eliminated the need for an O-ring groove or channel which can trap sand, dirt, or debris. Two double-passivated stainless-steel locking lid snaps are simple to use and virtually unbreakable. The clear back allows you to see the O-ring form a solid, watertight seal as it closes.

Ikelite products are designed, built and tested in the USA. They use locally sourced, top-grade materials. Ikelite housings are built by hand and individually tested for fit and function. Every unit is water pressure tested to 60m (200 feet). Ikelite back their products with over 50 years of experience and the best reputation for service within the dive industry.


Differences in lens and control placement prevent cameras other than the Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70, DC-ZS80, DC-TZ90, or DC-TZ95 from being used in this housing. We are not aware of any other camera models which may be used in or adapted to this housing.

Older model housings produced before June 1, 2019 (serial number below 71600) require the addition of a washer to the mode dial control shaft for use with the newer DC-ZS80 and DC-TZ95 cameras. This washer is available as the Update Kit Panasonic ZS80, TZ95 # 9295.07. Housings shipping on or after June 1, 2019, are compatible with DC-ZS80 and DC-TZ95 as shipped.


  • 60m (200 ft) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions except Diopter Adjustment Dial
  • Near neutral buoyancy in freshwater
  • 1/4-20 thread tray mounting with 76mm (3″) spacing
  • 1270 g (2.8 lb)
  • 163 x 132 x 178 mm (6.4 x 5.2 x 7″)
  • 3.9″ diameter glass lens port allows an effective zoom range of 25-220mm
  • 2 year limited warranty

In the Box

  • Housing
  • O-Ring # 0109 (installed)
  • Port cover # 0200.08 (installed)
  • Silicone lubricant # 5020

Optional Accessories

  • Spare O-Ring Seal # 0109
  • WD-4 Wide Angle Lens # 6430.4
  • Macro Adapter for 3.9″ Diameter Ports # 9306.82
  • UR/PRO Colour Filter for Tropical Blue Water # 6441.46
  • UR/PRO Colour Filter for Green Water # 6441.86
  • Yellow Fluorescence Filter # 6441.16
  • Action Tray with Left-Hand Handle # 2605.04
  • Action Tray Extension with Right Handle # 2605.05
  • Shutter Trigger Extension # 4077.95
  • Vacuum Kit for 1/2″ Accessory Port # 47012
  • Fibre Optic Cord # 4501


Weight 1.49685 kg

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