Ikelite 4069.2 Dome Diffuser


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Ikelite 4069.2 Dome Diffuser for DS161, DS160, DS125 Strobes

Product Details

This domed diffuser for Ikelite DS161, DS160, and DS125 type strobes provides the softest, widest coverage possible. This combination of material and shape spreads light wider than a traditional diffuser and has a higher transmissivity to let more light through.

There is no cooling effect so the warm, natural glow of your DS160-series strobe is preserved.

Attaches to the front of your strobe with a secure, press fit. Lanyard ring and lanyard included.


  • 120° circular beam angle
  • -0.5 f/stop loss

In the Box

  • Diffuser
  • Lanyard # 0321.11
Weight 0.204117 kg
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