Ikelite 4066.5 DS125/160/161 NiMH pack


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#4066.5 Ikelite NiMH battery module with o-ring

What’s Included

  • Battery pack
  • O-ring


Batteries: six sub-C-cell industrial grade NiMH batteries (1.8Ah rating)

Weight: 1.34 lb (608 g)

Depth Rating: 300 ft (90 m)

Compatibility: Ikelite DS125, DS160, DS161

Charger: 4066.1 Smart Charger (sold separately)

Recharge Time: 1.5 hours

Warranty: 12 Months

Over 225 flashes per charge

Recharge the NiMH pack after each use. DO NOT fully discharge NiMHs as this shortens the battery life. Definitely recharge the NiMHs if the modeling light dims or if the recycle time exceeds 8-10 seconds; batteries are nearly depleted. Store the NiMH pack fully charged and recharge the pack for a few hours each month. In normal application, the NiMHs should NOT develop a memory. Fully discharging the NiMHs or allowing the NiMHs to completely lose a charge does far more damage than any risk of NiMH memory

(Requires #4066.1 charger)

Weight 0.684924 kg
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