Ikelite 1778 Yellow PCa Lite 2 LED


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#1778 Yellow PCa Lite 2 LED

100% corrosion free; Universal battery sizes; Stay-brite LED technology

PCm Model: All Around
Yellow LED

Intensity: 5-watt high intensity white LED
Brightness: 205 lumens at peak
Batteries: 6 “AA” alkaline/NiMH cells
Burn Time: at least 7 hours
Size: 6.5 x 11cm (2.5 x 4in)
Depth Rating: 90m (300ft)
Warranty: Limited lifetime

You get out what you put in: Our LED lights contain sophisticated circuitry and heat sink technology to ensure that they STAY bright throughout lifetime. Other lower cost lights run unregulated, reducing overall light output with extended use and limiting the lifespan of the LED.

Get a clear view: A specially designed lens concentrates these exceptionally bright LEDs to form a powerful and penetrating spot beam. Many divers prefer the natural looking light of white LEDs.

Stop replacing bulbs: We’ve selected the highest quality white LEDs for maximum brightness and durability. Our highly efficient drivers yield an LED lifespan of 50 – 100 times the life of standard incandescent lamps, making replacement bulbs virtually obsolete.

Save money on batteries: LED lights burn 2 1/2 to 3 times longer on a set of batteries than their halogen counterparts. Less frequent battery replacements helps both your pocketbook and the environment. These LEDs maintain their maximum brightness level much longer and without the low-battery “dimming” effects of traditional lights.

One light fits all: PC, PCa, and PCm LEDs run cool and can be used for extended periods of time above water—making them the perfect choice for every adventure. When the batteries are drained, the LED lights continue to emit a lower intensity output for hours or even days—long after incandescent lights have quit. This extended illumination period can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Available in three colours & Halogen alternatives:
Black LED – #1770; Black Halogen – #1570
Blue LED – #1775; Blue Halogen – #1575
Yellow LED – #1778; Yellow Halogen – #1578

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