Ikelite Strobes Diffuser – Compatible with DS125, DS160 & DS161 for Enhanced Underwater Photography


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Ikelite #0591.3 DS125, DS160, DS161, DS162 and DS230 Strobe Diffuser

This accessory softens and diffuses the light, reducing output by one f/stop.
Attaches to the front of DS125, DS160, DS161, DS162 & DS230 strobe models.



Underwater Cameras is the official distributor/importer of Ikelite products in Australia. Ikelite is a leading Underwater Photography Manufacturer based in the USA with over 50 years of experience producing top-quality underwater housings, strobes, & accessories. Ikelite products can be found in the hands of amateur and professional photographers worldwide from Tropical Waters to Polar Ice Caps. All Ikelite’s products are designed and made in the USA.
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