HYPERION Tray with Adjustable Base & Ball Mount (Single)


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HYPERION  PRO Single Tray Set inc. Adjustable Base Tray / Rubber Grip Handle / Ball Mount

Adjustable Base Tray / 1 x Rubber Grip Handles / 1 x Ball Mounts

Great quality Tray Set that will suit most housings, including Ikelite, Fantasea, Nauticam, Olympus, Canon, Sony, Panasonic etc.

Will not fit most DSLR camera housings.

Tray can be adjusted in size from 25cm to 28cm and can be used with a single or dual screw mounted housing.

Includes 2 screws to suit most housings.

Dimensions: 25 Р28cm (base length) x 5.5cm (max width) x 19cm (hight)



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