Hugyfot Wide Angle Acrylic 6.5″ Port including Neoprene Cap


This product is discontinued and no longer available.

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Hugyfot Wide Angle Acrylic 6.5″ Port including Neoprene Cap.

Hugyfot wide angle ports are CNC machined from polyacetal (5”) or aluminium (6.5” and 9”). They are equipped with the rugged Hugyfot bayonet mount system with fixed stop position to ensure maximum security. Hugyfot wide angle ports are well suited for mid-range wide angle lenses and fisheye lenses and can be combined with a broad range of extension rings to accommodate longer lenses.

The Hugyfot 6.5″ acrylic wide angle port comes with a dome made from optical grade acrylic. Although smaller than the 9″ wide angle port, it is very suitable for half/half images and provides a crisp image quality and corner sharpness.

Acrylic domes have the advantage of having a density factor very similar to water. Minor scratches are less likely to show up on the image and are often easy to repair on site with acrylic repair kits.

Its compact size and weight make it the ideal travel companion when weight and volume restrictions are important.

Please contact us for compatible lenses.


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