Hugyfot Housing to Subal Port Adapter


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Hugyfot Housing to Subal Port Adapter

Hugyfot developped adapters which allow the use of other manufacturers ports in combination with Hugyfot housings. Switching from one brand to another usually meant loosing a large investment if one already had several ports of a different brand. In order to prevent the loss of this investment when crossing over to a Hugyfot housing, Hugyfot developped a series of adapters which make it possible to use other manufacturers ports in combination with Hugyfot housings. The use of these adapters will enlarge the ports by approximately 12 to 15mm. As Hugyfot housings are extremely compact, a camera in a Hugyfot housing is more upfront compared to other brands and requires slightly larger ports. By mounting an adapter to a non-Hugyfot port this port will only differ from a Hugyfot port by a few mm and will cause no vignetting.

These adapters are available for:
– Aquatica
– Inon
– Sea & Sea
– Seacam
– Sealux
– Subal

 Click here for the Hugyfot port chart.

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