Hugyfot ALU Extension Ring 35mm


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Hugyfot Extension Ring 35mm

Hugyfot Extension Rings are CNC machined from high strength aluminium. Each ring is finished by hand and hard anodized in either red or black with a Surlon®KE coat to offer the best corrosion resistance. These extensions are equipped with the new Hugyfot bayonet mounting system which offers a double O-ring to ensure maximum security and easy mounting.

These extension rings are available in Black or Red from 20mm to 75mm in 5mm increments.

  • 20mm: 106 g
  • 25mm: 124 g
  • 30mm: 140 g
  • 35mm: 157 g
  • 40mm: 174 g
  • 45mm: 190 g
  • 50mm: 208 g
  • 55mm: 223 g
  • 60mm: 239 g
  • 65mm: 255 g
  • 75mm: 290 g
Weight 1 kg

Black, Red

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