Hugyfot Adjustable Float Arm Set 2214g Lift


This product is discontinued and no longer available.

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Hugyfot Adjustable Float Arm Set


Hugyfot introduces the HugyFloat system which enables 100% neutral buoyancy of photo or video equipment. The HugyFloat system consists of aluminium tubes that contain variable air chambers. By means of pushbuttons and valves, the volume of these air chambers can be reduced at the start of the dive and allow the diver to ‘trim’ the setup to be completely neutrally buoyant.

  • Steadycam-effect
  • Auto-horizon alignment
  • Wrist strain release
  • Depth rating 150m

This set contains everything you need for 2 complete arm systems.                                                                                     

  • 2 Adjustable L35 Buoyancy Arms with valve…..574g Lift each
  • 2 Sealed L31 Buoyancy Arms…..533g Lift each
  • 4 pcs Hugyfot standard clamps
  • 2 pcs Hugyfot long clamps

The adjustable floating arms are equipped with a valve (red push-button) which allows water to enter the tube.

By pushing this button at the start of the dive, the air volume can be decreased (when descending) to adjust (reduce) the lift capacity to the weight of the setup.

This system enables the user to obtain a 100% neutral buoyancy at the start of the dive and to maintain this 100% neutral buoyancy during the entire dive at all depths.

Classic floating arms cannot be adjusted and will never allow 100% neutral buoyancy for different setups at different depths.

The Hugyfot floating system is adjustable at all times and will guarantee 100% neutral buoyancy for any setup at all times at all depths.

When at the surface (before and after the dive), the total lift capacity of 2.5Kg (4 arms) will allow the entire setup to float, thus avoiding loss of equipment or damage.

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