Aquatica 19227 Vacuum Circuitry Kit


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Aquatica Vacuum Circuitry Kit


Includes: Moisture alarm, valve pump, On/Off switch.

When ordering, please specify the housing model.

Aquatica’s new pressure ‘‘check’’ circuitry

Aquatica has developed a new atmospheric pressure sensitive circuitry that will allow the user to confirm water tight integrity before the dive. This new system will give the user additional peace of mind, knowing their expensive camera equipment will stay dry.

How it works

Once your camera is installed, simply push the start actuating button (integrated on the circuit board). The LED light will turn green for two seconds, this will confirm actuation. Once a solid vacuum is achieved, the LED will blink green again for two seconds. During the dive the LED will flash green every few seconds, indicating system integrity. If the vacuum starts to decrease, the LED will start to flash orange, and if water is detected, the audible alarm will go off and the LED will also flash red.

The advanced Aquatica circuit has a temperature compensation included, so any change in ambient temperature or changes in the internal temperature will not cause an incorrect reading.

The onboard start actuating button is for the vacuum only; your alarm is always on.

The results

This new Aquatica vacuum/alarm system is the most thought-out on the market today.

  • Easy user installation
  • Intelligent use of LED technology
  • Can easily be adapted to any system on the market
  • The underwater photographer can now be assured with a single look, that their housing has water tight integrity before, during and after the dive.
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