Aquatica 20087 Sony A7R IV Housing with Vacuum Kit


Aquatica Sony A7r IV Housing with Vacuum Kit & either Nikonos, Ikelite, Optical or No Bulkheads

Aquatica, one of the pioneers in the underwater photo industry will soon be shipping their underwater housing designed specifically for the Sony A7rIV 61.2MP full-frame mirrorless camera. Earning a Gold Award and a high score of 91% from the internet’s leading camera review site,, the Sony A7rIV is sure to be a powerhouse for underwater digital imaging in both stills and video use.

About the Camera

The Sony A7rIV is currently the highest resolution full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera currently available. The camera’s 61.2 MP BSI CMOS sensor offers 15.5 stops of dynamic range and an astounding frame rate of 10fps at 61MP and a buffer depth of 30 frames (in True 14 bit RAW) lets still shooters capture peak action with ease. The camera can capture 4K UHD video in both full-frame and Super 35 formats at up to 30fps. The Autofocus has been greatly improved over the A7rIII, with the video AF now upgraded to face and eye-tracking. Twin UHS-II SDXC Card slots offer on-camera backups for all shoots with no sacrifice on the card’s write speeds. 5-axis image stabilization allows for smoother, more professional-looking video. The FZ battery has been carried over and offers a much higher battery life.

The Housing

The Aquatica A7rIV housing is one of the smallest yet most ergonomic housings on the market. The housing’s design is centred on the user being able to concentrate more on the creation of their image rather than how to use the system. There will be much less figuring out where controls are.

All the controls are set to be self-centring and are spring-loaded. The user only needs to set the camera on the tray and slide it into the housing, no alignment needed. Aquatica’s designers utilized a new method to access the new joystick (crucial for selecting any one of the 567 AF points on the sensor). All the buttons and dials on the housing are easily accessed without having to let go of the handles.

Since the camera is easily user-customizable and the buttons mapped for almost any purpose, everything is literally at the user’s finger (or in this case, thumb) tips.

Of significant note, Back Button AF is fully supported with the housing. The AF-On control (6) is easily reached by the user’s right thumb while the shutter release (2) is simultaneously reached with the user’s forefinger. This lets the user continually track the subject in full autofocus and then fire the camera at the peak moment.

Right below the AF-On button is the Video Record button, this ergonomic placement is so the user will have no problems in accessing the still or video capture button.

What was previously an optional accessory, Aquatica is now including the field-proven Surveyor Vacuum System (Pump, Valve and Sensor) as standard equipment.

Surveyor monitoring system

The Aquatica A7rIV housing comes standard with a Surveyor monitoring sensor. This sensor acts as a moisture and vacuum alarm for constantly monitoring the sealing integrity of the housing, adding another level of safety and peace of mind.


The Aquatica A7rIV is supplied with the Galileo type eyepiece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the viewfinder. For those seeking the ultimate in viewing for still image, the optional Aqua View Finder, available in straight and 45 degrees version, are among the best of the industry, they can easily be installed in a matter of a few minutes by the user. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder is second to none in clarity, it provides the photographer with tack sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera viewfinder for composing and critical focusing.

Flash Triggering Options:

  • 20087-NK-VC: with double Nikonos bulkheads & Surveyor system installed
  • 20087-KM-VC: with one Ikelite bulkheads & Surveyor system installed
  • 20087-OPT-VC: with dual optical bulkheads & Surveyor system installed
  • 20087 VC: with NO bulkheads & Surveyor system installed

*Please advise bulkhead choice*


Aerospace-grade 6061 T6 Aluminium with a MIL-A-8625 Anodized coating and then finished with a baked-on, super tough powder coat paint that is extremely abrasion-resistant. Control Shafts and all push buttons are T304 Stainless Steel

HDMI: Large 23.75mm (0.95 inches) HDMI Bulkhead opening for Monitor Cable

Depth Rating: 90m ~ 300 ft. Can be upgraded to 130m, ~ 450ft with our deep spring kit

Weight: 2.2 kg/4.8 lbs without handles, 2.6kg/5.7 lbs with handles

Dimensions: 250mm x 163mm x 127mm ~ 9.8” x 6.4” x 5” w/o handles 350mm x 163 x 127mm ~ 13.8” x 6.4” x 5” with handles

Ports: The A7rIV housing supports our full line of Domes, Macro Ports and Extension Rings

List of controls:

  1. ON-OFF
  2. Shutter button
  3. C1 button
  4. C2 button
  5. Front Dial
  6. AF-ON button
  7. Record/movie button
  8. AEL button
  9. Mode dial
  10. Exposure compensation dial
  11. Rear dial
  12. Multi-selector (ISO, Disp, Drive)
  13. Fn button
  14. Control wheel
  15. C4 / Delete button
  16. Zoom/focus knob
  17. Menu button
  18. C3 button
  19. Playback button

Special Order Product 4 – 6 weeks delivery.



Underwater Cameras is the official Australian importer of Aquatica products. Aquatica manufactures an extensive line of underwater housings for today's finest digital cameras. Located in Canada, which is known for its rugged diving conditions, Aquatica has over the past quarter of a century gained a worldwide reputation as a leader and innovator in the demanding field of underwater photography. Aquatica’s dedication to excellence has placed it at the forefront of this digital revolution with its products recognized globally for their quality, craftsmanship, ease of use and durability.
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