Aquatica 18430 Macro Slim Port inc front port cover


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Aquatica Macro Slim Port Inc. front port cover

The Mini Macro Port, with its definitive slimmer frontal signature, allows you to get close and personal with your subject. Lighting your subjects in super macro situation becomes that much easier because of this unique feature. The port is equipped with a standard 77mm filter thread, and can readily accept any screw-in water contact close up lenses with a 77mm thread. Or even better, a four-point bayonet up fronts allows our Flip Holder to be easily mounted and safely locked into place, once installed, the close up lenses access is as simple as flipping them into place. Up to two lens can be hinged at the same time on the holder’s frame, making this Mini Macro Port the ultimate tool for your macrophotography.

The Aquatica Mini Macro Port integrates a locking system into its design which is compatible with the newly release port extension line up, owners of existing port extensions need not worry, since this macro port uses the same established bayonet system and all previously released port extensions are compatible with it.

The Aquatica Mini Macro Port is made of sturdy, marine grade aluminium and is anodized for added protection. Rated to 300ft plus, weighing in at only 425gr, the Mini Macro Port travel light and small, a definitive asset in these days or luggage restrictions.

Weight 3 kg

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