Aquatica 18913 Dual Strobe Connector with Nikon Type Hot Shoe


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Aquatica Dual Strobe Connector Kit with Nikon Type Hot Shoe.


Manual and TTL strobe exposure is possible with correct strobe and converter.

This newer type of strobe connector has a 6-pin switch board connection at one end that will plug into the switchboard provided or located inside the Aquatica housing. Also noteworthy is that a 6th pin has been added to Aquatica’s standard Nikonos connector. This extra pin is required when using TTL converter on Canon camera housings. This extra pin is also present on Nikon Camera housings connectors, but is not required or connected beyond the internal switchboard.

There are two methods to attach these newer connectors:

1. Earlier models are attached using a nut that threads from inside the housing.

2. Later models are attached using a retaining O-ring inserted from inside the housing.

It is important, when ordering a replacement, that the housing and camera model be clearly mentioned. Interchanging bulkhead connector type of different mounting type is not recommended by Aquatica, and compatibility issues may result in doing so.

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