Aquatica 20054 Aqua View Finder Straight


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Aqua View Viewfinder.


With its quality coated glass elements this finder delivers a 100% viewing area, allowing photographers to see a crisp, bright and sharp image from corner to corner while its hard-anodised aluminium body allows the finder to be used to depths of up to 100m (300ft).

Aquatica housings built since 2008 are designed to accept accessory viewfinders; it is easily installed and removed by the user in as little as 30 seconds. This feature alone makes it convenient for its removal in preparation for travel and long-term storage.

An Initial diopter adjustment is quick and straightforward and guarantees a sharp image for each individual’s eyesight. No tools are required. The user may also opt to simply adjust the diopter +/- setting on the DSLR’s built finder instead.

What was initially suggested as an optional add-on to a professional housing system, is now being hailed by all its users as a must have tool.



•Large rear viewing area of 1.5’’ / 38mm.

•Coated optics. 100 m (300ft depth rating)

•Hard anodised aluminium construction for long-lasting performance.

•Non obstructive construction, giving the rear LCD a clear view of menu and playback images.

•User adaptable to our recent line up of housings


• 8 elements, 5 groups coated optics

•Hard anodised aluminium construction

•Diopter adjustment

•Dimension: 4 3/8’’ x 2 3/4’’x 2 3/4’’ (110mm x 70mm x 70mm)

Weight 1 kg

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