AOI UCL-05L +6 Macro Lens


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AOI UCL-05L +6 Macro Lens

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This 67mm Underwater Marco Close-Up lens conveniently fits and works with all types of cameras, be it DSLR systems to compacts. It fits any 67mm threaded port plus, it also has an extra 67mm mount on the front of the lens, meaning that another 67mm lens or filter can also be attached. The body is materialised with Hard Anodised Aluminium Alloy whilst the lens coating has Multi-layers of AR Coating. The fine 67mm Macro Close-up underwater lens provides you with a super magnification of +6.0x

It has a ranging depth of 60meters (200ft) and the lens construction is made up of 4 Elements in 3 Groups.


Model AOI UCL-05L
Description Underwater +6 Close-up Lens
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Barrel
3 Groups 4 Elements Lenses with Multi-layers AR Coating
Waterproof 60 Meters
Dimension 74mm (D) X41mm (H)
(on land / underwater)
254g (on land)
145g (underwater)
Accessories Lens Pouch (LPC-01), ABS Front Lens Cap (PFC-02),
Rear Lens Cap (LRC-02) and Lens Secure Line (LSL-01)
Weight 0.5 kg

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