AOI ER-OD-OD-22 Extension 22mm for OMD Port


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AOI ER-OD-OD-22 Extension Ring 22mm for Olympus OM-D Mount Port to Olympus OM-D Housing

Product Details

This 22mm Extension Ring from AOI enables use of the Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye lens in an Olympus PT-EP08 or PT-EP11 underwater camera housing. The hard anodized aluminum ring extends the length of an AOI DLP-01 or DLP-02 dome lens port.


Model ER-OD_OD-22
Description Extension Ring 22mm OMD Port to OMD Mount Housing
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Dimension 115.5mm (D) X39.5mm (H)
Weight 146.5 grams (Without Rear Port Cap)
Accessory PP Rear Port Cap (PRC-01)


Weight 1 kg
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