AOI FOC-DC-AM1 Fibre Optic Cable Dual 613 Core

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AOI FOC-DC-AM1 Fibre Optic Dual Cable 613 Core

Product Details

AOI Dual Fibre Optic Cable with Sea&Sea/Olympus Connections. Connect one housing to two strobes. Dual optical cable with L-connectors. Made to connect two strobes only using one connection.

With the L-type mount on your camera housing, you can now feed two flashes at the same time. The cable is of fantastic quality (Grade 613) meaning it has 613 fibre cores that will let the light from your internal flash or flash trigger pass through with ease leaving no delay or misfire.

Each cable part is 53 cm long.


Description Dual Fibre Optic Cable 613-Core with SS Angle Plugs (M Size)
Plugs Material PC / TPE
Dimensions (LL / RL / CL) 210MM / 155MM / 93MM
Diameter Cores / Cable 1.5MM / 2.2MM
Number of turns 42turns / coil
Coils Diameter 13MM
Weight 18.6 grams
Plugs Colour Light Gray
Weight 1 kg
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