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Snap Sights Underwater Camera

The waterproof housing is warranted for its first use only. If opened and resealed carefully it may be reused. Due to potential consumer resealing errors, such reuse is at consumer's risk.

  1. Reloading Instructions

    Abuse or misuse of product is not covered under warranty. Special care must be taken when using waterproof products.

    1) Twist the cam lock clasp to open position, open back of housing and remove camera.

    2) Press film release button (at bottom of camera).

    3) Wind rewind lever (at top of camera) in clockwise direction until film winds free.

    4) Lift rewind lever to release film from camera.

    5) Remove sticker and open back of camera to remove exposed film.

    6) Insert new film and extend film tip to the right hand winding spool. Make sure holes in film are aligned with wind sprocket gear teeth.

    7) Close back of camera and replace red sticker.

    8) Advance film to # 1 in the frame counter on top of camera. (If the counter does not advance film is not loaded correctly, repeat step 6).

    9) Make sure that the O-ring seal is clean of sand, dirt or other debris.

    10) Close back and twist cam lock clasp into closed position.

To find out more about the Snap Sights Sports Waterproof camera reloading instructions, please contact us.

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