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H2O Man Waterproof MP3 Player

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H2O Man Waterproof MP3 PlayerTake your favourite music everywhere! Compact and lite to allow musical enjoyment jogging in the rain, skiing, surfing...

  • 512 MB built-in memory size
  • Power Output: 10MV per channel
  • Output frequency range: 20 HZ to 20K HZ
  • 4 hours continue playing time
  • 1 hour battery re-charging time

Kit includes: MP3 player, water resisting housing, water resisting ear phone, spare ear plugs, arm belt, instruction manual, driver disk, USB extension cord.

WARNING: H2O Man is fully waterproof but NOT to be used while diving. Water pressure on headphones can cause severe ear damage.

Technical Specifications

Index Parameter Specifications
Hard Disk IBM PC, Compatible PC, Notebook with USB Interface
Interface USB 2.0 (FS)
Storage Medium Flash EMS Memory
Power Supplied by USB when connected to port. Need 1 AAA battery when not connected.
Transfer Speed Max. Writing: 700KB/S
Max. Reading: 1000KB/S
Operation System Windows98/Me/2000/XP, MAC OS 10.3 and above
Capacity 64MB/128MB/256MB/512MB
Music Format MP3/WMA
Support Bit Rate 8Kbps-448Kbps
Yellow Indicator Blinking: Music playing Solid Light: Ready to play
Green Indicator Blinking: Reading/writing data
Solid Light: Idle
Operating Conditions -20 degrees C ~ +70 degrees C
Common Conditions -50 degrees C ~ +85 degrees C
Size 96mm x 27mm x 17mm
Life-Span Writing over one million times, reading doesn't influence life-span; data can be stored over 10 years

Driver Installation is only required for Windows98 and under. Windows Me, Windows 2000 and above is not needed.


For more information about the Snap Sights H2O Man Waterproof MP3 Player, click here.

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